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Buddypress Dynamic Groups Widget not working on my custom theme.

  • anthony3217


    Hello Everyone!

    I am building my own WordPress theme from scratch and im having an issue with Buddypress AJAX functions working on the “Buddypress Groups Widget”. When you click the “Newest | Active | Popular | Alphabetical” it just redirects the groups page instead of reloading dynamically on the page you are on, I thought this must be that the JS for Buddypress wasn’t getting injected properly, but it seems to be as other parts of buddypress JS are working, like the click to load more button.

    When I use twenty seventeen the widget works fine.

    I have disabled all other plugins to make sure there isn’t a conflict, no difference.

    I have removed all Bootstrap 4 JS files to see if its a conflict, no difference.

    I have the <?php wp_head(); ?> <?php wp_footer(); ?> in the right places for all the muck to be loaded

    What else can I try to fix this? websites not live, im developing locally.

    Thank you!

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