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Buddypress emails deliverity

  • Pedro Miguel


    Hi all,

    I want to ask if someone can point me on right direction to do this.

    As you know when your buddypress site grow (or other social network software) you will face email delivery problems.

    This because no ISP on the world allow you to send 5K+ emails per hour (unstead your are white listed). (the main problem is not sending the emails, is ISP’s like hotmail, aol, yahoo, google, accept to receive that volume).

    So theres tree options (or more options, please share a way to do this):

    Option 1:

    Have multiple smtp ips, and wordpress/buddypress send by smtp auth for diferent things.

    Like one address for notifications, other for registations, other for invites…

    Option 2 (prefered) :

    Have a “facebook” like emails (

    Option 3: limit the maximum emails per hour to each ISP.

    Anyone know how I can do something like mention above?


    Ps: Sorry about my English

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