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BuddyPress Emails Not Sending

  • bcanr2d2


    My install has stopped sending any emails out for new user activation.
    I can receive emails sent by WordPress after a user is manually activated, and can receive any email from Postman SMTP, as these test emails work.

    I don’t use any other activity markers, but emails were not received when messages were sent either.

    I have tried all of the listed troubleshooting steps that others have gone through before.

    I have a custom function that creates a post for the user during the registration process. I have removed all custom functions and tried registering a user, and it still will not send any emails.

    As BuddyPress uses it’s own PHP Mailer, I am not able to log them via any WP Mail logging tools, and want to see what might be going on here.
    The problem reared its head around the time I upgraded to 2.6 (although the custom function during registration was also added at this time) as well

    I have reset the emails multiple times, and I have not made any changes to them.

    Could someone please provide assistance, or given me a suggestion on how to run the BP Email Debug code to get an email of any issues

    Host is Bluehost

    Here is my install, and plugin list

    WordPress 4.5.4
    BuddyPress 2.6.2
    Advanced Custom Fields 4.4.10
    Akismet 3.1.11 (inactive)
    BackWPuP 3.3.4
    BP Force Profile Photo 1.0.5
    BP Member Type Manager 1.0.1 (inactive)
    BP xProfile Location 1.2
    BP XProfile WordPress User Sync 0.6.4
    Broken Link Checker 1.11.2
    Buddy Progress Bar 1.0.2
    BuddyPress Conditional Field Groups 0.1.0
    Buddypress Conditional Profile Field 2.0
    Buddypress Geodirectory Integration 1.0.0 (inactive)
    BuddyPress Member Type Generator 1.0.2
    BuddyPress Profile Tabs 1.6.1
    BuddyPress Security Check 2.1.2
    BuddyPress Simple Terms And Conditions 1.3
    BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Fields Type 2.5
    BuddyPress Xprofile Member Type Field 1.0.4
    Cherry Parallax Plugin 1.0.0 (for my theme)
    Cherry Plugin (for my theme)
    Conditional Profile Fields for BuddyPress 1.1.9
    Contact Form 7 4.5
    Contact Form 7 – Dynamic Text Extension 2.0.1
    Custom Hooks 1.0 (All my custom functions are in this plugin)
    Custom Login 3.2.5
    Custom Post Template By Templatic 1.0
    Custom Post Type UI 1.4.1
    Disable Comments 1.5.2
    Display Posts Shortcode 2.7.0
    Easy Parallax Slider 2.1.1
    FacetWP 2.6.4
    GEO my WP
    GeoDirectory 1.6.5 (inactive)
    Hello Dolly .1.6 (inactive)
    MOJO Marketplace 1.0.1 (inactive)
    MotoPress Content Editor Lite 1.6.5 (inactive)
    Quick and Easy FAQs 1.0.3
    SuitePlugins – Advanced XProfile Fields for BuddyPress 1.0.3
    Super Socializer 7.8.1
    WP Private Content Plus 1.11
    WPFront User Role Editor 2.12.4
    Yoast SEO 3.5

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  • bcanr2d2


    Update – issue is with Bluehost, I am using Postman SMTP, and changed to the Google GMail API and all is well with BuddyPress emails again.

    nice to hear!



    Email should work but much can go wrong including things connected to plugins, themes and functions.php or bp-custom.php files.

    Presuming the email didn’t go into spam, and WordPress sent emails before installing BuddyPress, then one thing that can be tried is disabling all plugins except except buddypress and the ( un-customised ) bp-default theme.

    If this is a localhost/dev site then php / server has to be correctly configured and/or upgraded for email. Alternatively WP Mail SMTP may be useful in this situation…

    The main email address is set on the wordpress Settings > General page.
    I would advise you check you have correct PTR record for your IP address, and also set a SPF record along with your MX records doing these two things can drastically affect how mail servers receive your mail or reject it if not happy these two items exist and check out as valid.
    There may be other issues in some situations. For more info see: How to fix WordPress Not Sending Email issue

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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