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BuddyPress Enhancements and Tweaks

  • yadad


    I’ve successfully installed BuddyPress and BB Press to create the website I was wanting to achieve.
    I do have 4 questions that I’ve not been able to solve myself.
    I’m using WordPress Version 4.7

    Why isn’t each Profile / Member offered a separate gallery or media library?
    I’ve noticed when a new person joins the site and they go to upload any photos for profile pic or background that they have access to my Media Library. I’ve created a separate profile and was able to see that the gallery’s seemed to be shared with all members.Yes they can add a new gallery but still have access to mine so can this be modified?

    Can you put a cap on how many Mb’s a user is allowed to upload for the total amount of media space allowed.Videos can take up a lot of space.

    Why do all members have to be Authors in order to be able to Post because this was the only method that worked for me.
    Users have privileges that shouldn’t be allowed.

    Last question when using BuddyPress and BB Press how should I set up my .htaccess file

    for robots to crawl as I don’t think they should be able to crawl past the index.php.

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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  • djsteveb


    disclaimer, I am not a bp dev, just a long time user, and my knowledge is far from complete.

    1 -each Profile / Member offered a separate gallery or media library?
    This was a problem from the very beginning, and perhaps the biggest problem for bp aside from lousy filter options for the activity stream. Initially it was handled by the ‘bp-album’ plugin – which was later abandoned amidst some drama – rtmedia is kind of the standard for handling this now – but it’s bloated, important functions have gotten expensive, and it’s not well supported in core or themes – it’s terrible at keeping things separated like comments on media and galleries –
    There is a new bp media like experimental thing that looks promising, and some attempts at making placeholders for bp media have been made in the past year, new hooks for bp attachment, etc. Some code has appeared on github showing a great start at possible core bp media handling – but not enough devs on that.

    if you must have media with bp I suggest getting the premium “press permit core” and ask for support in limiting what other users can see in the media library. God forbid you have a problem with users trolling other users – and you have media – as you can purchase the buddyblock plugin which will prevent most abuse user to user, but it does not hook into the separate commenting system that rt-media creates. I strongly encourage you to try the other media plugin and hope that works for what you need before getting stuck with rtmedia and no way to export it’s data to something else.

    2 a cap on how many Mb’s a user is allowed to upload for the total amount of media space
    Wordpress has a setting for this when using multi-site setup – but I think it affects only what gets posted to the user blogs aka sites. I think rtmedia has an optional purchase-able plugin for this if you use their system to allow for the media uploads – not sure if the other competing system has such functionality.

    This is a problem, and a solution should include a way for admins to look at users who have uploaded media, not just by user and space taken up, but also by date. There should be more control for deleting content with various parameters as well. I pity you if you find one day a user has uploaded 100s of photos that violate… terms.. and you have to delete each one at a time. If you find a way to handle this better with rtmedia I’d love for you to share it.

    Currently I have tons of photos and videos that users have uploaded and no good way to look at or remove, aside from going profile to profile and manually checking what shows up there. A better way may exist, I have not found it yet.

    3 – Why do all members have to be Authors in order to be able to Post because this was the only method that worked for me.
    When you say post, that sounds like posting a post to a blog – either their own multi-site blog, or perhaps to a group blog. This is how worpdress is and is great for controlling things with blogs. If you mean a user needs to be an author in order to add to thier “activity stream” aka wall or profile or whatever, I do not think they need to be a blog author in order to do so… “What’s new” activity posts work fine without being a blog author.

    4 – BuddyPress and BB Press how should I set up my .htaccess file – this should be documented somewhere around here. Wish I could tell you, I don’t have any bb press running with any buddypress installs any longer.

    If you don’t want robots to crawl your site, search for forums for making buddypress private – you’ll want to lock down your site with a password required to view anything – if you really want to block bots.. if it’s just the nicer bots you are referring to, like googlebot, yahoo and bigbots – then you can setup a robots.txt with something like

    robots *
    disallow /
    allow index.php

    but I don’t think having the main engines index your index.php is really helpful with most WP themes.. you’d probably be better with “allow /about-us/” for example.. as most wp sites I’ve worked with dont have a good ol’ index.html

    your experiences may vary..

    With BP you eaither have lots of time to code, or you take everything as is for the most part. Auttomatic has not funded bp well since the first dev Andy left – it’s basically abandoned like unwanted bastard child that gets (almost) no support – and has been for years. Instead depending mainly on volunteer contributors that obviously have to do other things like earn a living and pay bills.

    Some great people do amazing things making bp better – I appreciate those that are making the documentation better and fighting the good fight of dealing with all the wp core changes and how they affect bp when it updates – and other work to make it better. However what is seemingly most important to many webmasters and end users may not be on the roadmap for future releases – and finding developers to mod up BP is not as easy as one may hope either.

    custom fixes today may well be broken with future updates, and no one has thought about the laws in Europe for privacy and users being able to export data you have them.. all kinds of things..

    consider bp a huge mix of free code that is very experimental, and in my humble opinion should be removed from the wp plugin repo if automattic is not going to fund it properly – it certainly should not be on the first page view of plugins – anyone installing it likely has no idea what can of worms they are getting into.

    If you are thinking of the future and how you may need to moderate user’s uploads and such, I strongly encourage you to test out the mediapress alternative – but realize in order to get core functionality with bp right now you will have to add on a walled garden from one place or another.. without any import / export options – before you invest too much of your time and your user’s pictures and videos into silos you may never escape, you right as well look into and test out peepso ( )- as they seem to have more skin in the game and have made at least some import / export things if I remember correctly.

    again, I am not a bp dev. also I have not used mediapress yet – although I would with a fresh install – rtmedia has not met my expectations, although not a total fail, it is only 60% of what it should be. I have not used peepso yet either. Just a guy that’s been running a few bp installs for a few years, and my knowledge is fuzzy at best. surely, others thoughts, and your mileage may vary.



    Can’t thank you enough for all of your in site.
    Didnt think anyone would respond but you sir went above and beyond.
    Thankyou again.

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