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BuddyPress fails findind members

  • jbonlinea


    Hi there

    I have a weird, and deep issue with buddy press.

    what am I doing and what I encounter :

    • create a bp group – ok
    • at the “invite member” page,
      • some users are listed (very few)
      • if i search for a username listed and visible as above, i get no results found
    • if i go to wp dashboard > group> click to edit my group > add user –> i’m typing in something, the whell spin, and nothing is loaded

    this happens on a pretty features wp install, so i tried to troubleshoot with only buddypres active and twentynineteen (everything else is off)

    the issue remains

    I’m on wp 5.8

    I really don’t get what happens
    if one of you can help i would greztly appreciate

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  • shanebp


    On the front end, you can only invite friends to join the group.
    As an administrator, on the dashboard, try typing the full name of a user you know exists, a user who does not already belong to the group.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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