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Buddypress Filters – On hover: background color

  • shonty


    Hi guys,

    Somehow my BuddyPress filter – menu list – background -on hover – changed colors and acquired an outline, when testing a theme and returning to my original theme.

    I have attached a screenshot of the filter. You will see the highlighted menu item is blue with a thick black outline when hovered over. I have tried to show as much info as possible in the hope someone can provide a css, for when hovering over a menu item to remove the black outline (on hover), and change the background color (on hover) to #21759b, and the text color (on hover) to #ffffff to suit my theme.

    This problem has happened to a few of my filters but I’m sure I can fix those if I can get the css for this one.

    URL to screenshot in my dropbox

    Thank you

    Wordpress Version 5.4.1
    Buddypress Version 6.0.0

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