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Buddypress for low bandwith communities

  • casperknudsen


    Hey everyone!

    I’m part of the coordination of a global youth volunteer network, Activista, with youth groups working in 29 countries (primarily in the global south). We are quite an extensive group of people – more than 15.000 – who are connected in the global network.
    Of course a major part of making this ‘global’ is to hook up with other volunteers online and currently we are using NING as a solution:
    The core Activistas who are active on the site (around 1300) are pretty engaged, however we have one major problem: a heavy site and users on very bad internet connections.

    It would be possible for us to lighten up the site a bit with some decent compression, but that would only take us so far. NING in itself is quite a heavy solution.

    So my question here is – are there differences in what is possible on NING and Buddypress in terms of building a platform that will afford access from eg rural Tanzania with a reasonable load time?

    I hope someone in here has some advice


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  • Tammie Lister


    I’m no server expert there probably will be a few along who can assist with the server side maximising for low bandwith. However from a front end point of view I’d strongly advise you consider the following:

    1. A minimal theme in the truest sense – the less images the better, the less graphic anything.. backgrounds.. buttons.. icons – the better in this case
    2. No plugins / widgets that call external services
    3. No extra plugins / widgets that call adverts or images into the theme
    4. No slideshows or fancy scripting in the theme you choose

    All of this can make for a plainer site but it sure will benefit you if speed is the key. Also you can still have a good looking theme without the bulk.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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