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BuddyPress for User/Role Access Management

  • doubble07


    Hi, I am looking for a simple function at the moment and came across BuddyPress. What do I need?

    I have a WordPress Site with several users who have different roles (like Platinum Member, Gold Member, Visitor, …). I want to restrict access to my pages and posts according to these users or roles.

    Page1 -> Platinum Member AND Gold Member
    Page2 -> Platinum Member
    Page3 -> Platinum Member AND Gold Member AND Visitor

    If possible, the users should be able to sign in (default as Visitor role), I would like to manually assign the actual role.

    Is BuddyPress able to do that?

    Cheers, Hannes

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  • shanebp


    Whether you use BuddyPress or not, you would need to write custom code to handle the access restrictions that you described.

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