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BuddyPress For WordPress (Not MU) Coming

  • David Bisset


    Word today from WordCamp Denver – BuddyPress for WordPress (standard, not MU) is coming. It looks like the only main difference is that you cannot have blogs/sites for individual users (obviouslly). But from the sounds of it, everything else is there.

    It was said to be coming “in a few weeks”. Some might have already known about this, but i’ve been too focused on other things including a presentation I gave about BuddyPress at BarCampMiami this past Sunday.

    Opening for discussion. What do you think? :)

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  • bryan868


    Really looking forward to this! +1



    How hard do you think integrating BuddyPress into a site already running WP would be? Would it just be a matter of inserting php tags into where you would like certain features to appear? Or would it mean redesigning a whole theme so that it would work with BuddyPress?

    I’m not much of a coder, but I know my way around. About how hard do you think integration with a WP theme would be?



    You could try upgrading your site to MU but, personally, I would simply wait for the WP version of BuddyPress to arrive.

    My guesstimate is that Andy will aim to coincide with the release of WP 2.8, currently scheduled for the beginning of April put will probably get pushed back to the middle of the month. He has said that the non-MU version of BP is almost ready to roll but I guess he wants to see how the release of the MU version goes first and, obviously, he isn’t going to release for 2.7 with 2.8 so close.



    OMG!!! CAN’T WAIT!!



    “It is coming”




    Sounds great.

    I’m still playing around, and looking for the most appropriate hosting company to sign up with to host my WPmu and Buddypress sites, but if a BuddyPress for WordPress is out, that will solve much of my curreny problems with hosting companies :)



    Can’t wait to give it a try, WPMU seems to be a bit like an overkill for my purpose.

    Standard WP support won’t be coming until a release after v1.


    How is it going with the BuddyPress for WordPress (not MU)?

    When can we download it?

    Cheers, P

    Not anytime soon as I understand.

    Sorry to here that. But thanks for the quick reply.



    Why not anytime soon?

    John James Jacoby


    Bryan868, the short answer is there are some larger changes in the 2.8 and 2.9 pipeline that have been strongly hinted at recently. Those changes won’t make their way into WPMU necessarily at the same time, so we’re mostly safe for now using WPMU.

    BuddyPress will continue to get updated as WordPress versions change, however because there are a lot of dependencies there, and lots of distinct differences between a .org install and an MU install, it isn’t just flipping a switch and making it go.

    It is going to happen, just not as soon as most people wish unfortunately. Hopefully everyone that’s salivating at the chance to open up their own .org sites to start adding friends and making profiles can understand the dev process and try to be patient.

    I know it isn’t exactly what everyone wants to hear, but it’s the straight forward truth of the matter as it stands today. It may change tomorrow, but that’s where it is now.



    Thanks for the information J J J !




    Indeed, thanks John!

Viewing 15 replies - 26 through 40 (of 40 total)
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