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Buddypress Forums text editor and images

  • SebastianTis



    First: using Wordpres 3.7 and Buddypress 1.6.5 (using 1.6.5 because of translations)

    Okay about to throw out my computer please help!

    I am trying to get a rich text editor for buddypress forums. Tried several but nothing works. My goal is to easily embed pictures from BP-Album to a forum post (text editor is a secondary goal).

    The members of my community don’t understand HTML so a the IMG HTML codes won’t work.

    I have tried BP Post Buttons: That always adds the url from where the image is uner the picture. Can’t get it removed.

    I have tried bpckeditor, works like a charm but i am using FireFox and Chrome. IE users can’t type anything in the textfield.

    I have tried BPTinyMCE, got a fatal error on line 44.

    I have tried several embedding plugins such as oEmbed for buddypress, works very well only has pre-defined sites where it embeds from, i does not embed from my own site (Maybe it’s possible to add a site to oEmbed for Buddypress?)

    Does someone have a solution?

    Hope that someone can help me!

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  • SebastianTis


    BP Post Buttons Problem

    The line that generates the popup and adds an image includes the img url in the post. Where in this code does it says that the must me added:

    echo(“<a href=\"javascript:insert_tag_url('$form','$element','‘);\” />afbeelding vanuit album“);



    Wrong code: On the BP Post Button issue.

    This is the media code, whats wrong why does it show the link of the inserted image. Anyone??

    function bp_post_buttons_inserts($form, $element, $snippetstag) {
    //uncomment and use insert_body instead of insert_body_disabled to hide by default
    // echo(‘<span class=”insert_head”><b>[Insert Media..] </b></span>’);
    echo(‘<div class=”insert_body_disabled bppb_headroom”>’);
    echo(“<a href=\"javascript:insert_tag_url('$form','$element','‘);\” />image“);

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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