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Buddypress friends, activity, all invisible/ glitched (Video explanation)

  • deklein


    My issues displayed in a video w/ commentary to make it easy to understand:
    [EDIT] youtube error: video removed by user.

    1st issue (wordpress): 0:00
    -Sub menu from main menu no longer popping up for some reason, when I refresh I can see it for a second but then it disappears, its got to be some type of bug

    2nd issue (buddypress): 1:41
    – Content under each buddypress profile item is invisible and glitched all of a sudden, wasn’t an hour ago
    3rd issue (wordpress): 3:04
    – Related to 1st issue

    I think that all issues might be related because they all started happening at once, can too much be going on in my website at once creating a logic error? Give me some ideas on what I can do!!! THANKKS SO MUCH! my site will be sick when it all works and its pretty(ier).

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  • deklein


    was using Chrome, fired up ye old firefox and TADAAA back to normal, both issues are resolved (in firefox at least)

    What would cause chrome to do this, too many forum tabs open or something? haha

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