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BuddyPress from developer's perspective

  • jessicana


    The problem developers have with BP is that it has been a massive challenge to keep themes maintained because the updates to BP are constantly breaking the custom functionality and styles. Because of the experience developers had maintaining their existing BP ready themes, it caused them to make the decision to no longer work with it in that way.

    Additionally, I [personally] don’t consider BuddyPress to be forward thinking in terms of the evolution of social networks. The model BP is built on is a dated concept of what the first social networks resembled. I don’t see any signs that BP is changing their network structure or the base concept of the network, which I think is a mistake.

    Many and many features should exist in BuddyPress out of the box to make it comparable to the social networks. Unfortunately the only way to [partially] achieve this is by using plugins, and at the end; guess what? Users will start looking up for solution for the plugins conflict.

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  • modemlooper


    From a developers perspective, BuddyPress gives you a large amount of functionality in what a social network is known to be. For FREE. The last bits that you need for a unique site/app/experience is up to you. BuddyPress even includes many APIs to add more functionality.

    BuddyPress dropped theme dependency in version 1.7. The base templates that come with the plugin are generically a basic social network. This is just one example of how to use the core software on the front end.

    Here is a perfect example of doing something besides a “dated social network” as you put it, and this was years ago, it’s a web based game with BuddyPress.

    It is really a disservice to the contributors of this project when people post these rants. They work countless hours to give you something that is ridiculously feature rich. No one is ever going to develop for you a “magical just what you expect” social network for free.

    If you think there are areas that need enhancement then help contribute to the project.

    Participate and Contribute

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