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Buddypress Future Suggestons

  • psnation


    There are so many possibilities with Buddypress as it is but there many ways it can be improved. I know it’s a fact of life that we must rely on plugin developers to make our sites unique so I will focus on features already in Buddypress core that could be improved.

    User management and profiles: This really should be developed further for easy user management. I understand many of these have plugin options available but adding to core would be a major improvement for managing large scale sites.

    1. All user management columns should be sortable.
    2. IP address and country should be built in without a plugin.
    3. Add User ID to admin column.
    4. Add ability to moderate with suspend and ban with a period of time and notice.
    5. Add ability to core to easily change member types.
    6. Add last login to core
    7. Add ability for members to block other members.
    8. Add ability to hide profile.
    9. Add ability to block domains from signing up.
    10. Add more privacy settings allowing members to control all aspects of their content.


    1. Add instant notifications.
    2. Send email on notifications to increase site engagement.
    3. Add user thumbnail image along with notification.
    4. Show day or date on the notification.

    I realize many of these can be accomplished with plugins but some of these really need to be built in core to improve performance and security.

    Random suggestions would be to add more basic features similar to Facebook and Twitter and bring Buddypress up as the go to social network builder. Mentions, search, favorites, likes, autocomplete are in need of an update to be modern.

    It’s my opinion not fact. 🙂

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  • r-a-y


    1,2,3,4,6 should be left to WordPress plugins as these are specific to WP.

    7, 10 have been discussed as core options. It just takes time for developers and the team to finalize specs and to code as this is all done on a volunteer basis. 10 is hard because it relies on a ton of dependent code that hasn’t been written or finalized yet.

    5 – There’s been some preliminary work on this. See

    9 – If you’re using WordPress multisite, this should be already available as a WordPress option under “Network Admin > Settings”. Otherwise, this plugin might work, but does the opposite. It restricts signup to email domains that you specify.


    2 should already be in core.
    3 is a good request, but unreliable due to how the notifications data is stored. It would be easy to do for BP core notifications, but notifications generated by plugins could store the user ID differently, making this unreliable.
    4 could be done via a custom template or via a small code snippet.



    interesting recent discussion on the privacy thing here: – hope others can chime in on best practices for the future.

    An easy way to choose that gives put in and what gets left out of the main activity stream is a top issue I think for bp, as well as an easier way to manipulate page titles, meta descriptions, and other content on the bp-psudoe pages likes groups and member profiles is a consistent pain point for many.

    hopefully media handling will get more standardized.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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