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Buddypress gets stuck in redirection loop with activation page and reset password page

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    I’m having an issue, the same issue with two page: activation and reset password pages.

    The activation page: http://domain/activate?key=1f2255de3a43aaf6 and reset password page: http://domain/login/?action=rp&key=MxNOtZBPuxGDf5yX8rCp

    Note: I’m using simplelogin plugin to create new custom login page and registered-users-only-2 to make my wpmu privately. Furthermore, because I want to redirect some page, so I’m using Redirection plugin to handle it.

    I tried to disable simplelogin, private plugin and even with redirection plugin, but the the problem is still there. I’m not sure if the problem caused before or after I installed these plugins. The weird is: if I remove the key value from GET method in the url bar, these pages display without any issue (both activation and reset password pages). Then I can enter the key value in the form instead of use in url. However, after clicking on submit button to send the key value, these pages get stuck again in redirection loop. The issue maybe caused by the key value, though.

    Since these pages are getting issue with redirection loop, the system sends an activation email for new users, but they cannot use the link from email to activate their account. The same with reset password, the link includes the key value to reset paswword doesn’t work.

    I’m using:

    -WordPress MU
    -BuddyPress 1.1.3
    -Gigya Socialize for login via social network (I did try to disable this plugin!)

    Much appreciated if there is any idea to resolve this problem.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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