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BuddyPress Groups – Duplicating the Groups Capability

  • fostertime


    Forgive me if this has been covered already.

    But I wanted to ask a couple questions about the ability of creating a duplicate of the Groups Capability.

    Basically a completely new instance of Groups. For example:

    Groups – This would be the exact way Groups are configured now. Allowing users to create and manage, etc.

    Groups(Or a custom name) 2 – A complete copy of the Groups functionality, but creation of Groups here would be limited to Admin level only. Participation in forums and such would be open to all. Or managed based on roles.

    Any idea if anyone has done this? Is taking the existing Groups system and duplicating it as a Plugin add-on (additional Groups with settings) the best means for adding this functionality?

    Thanks, and again sorry if this has been covered. I am new here! :)

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