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Buddypress Groups Not Root Multisite

  • Leandro



    I am working in a multisite installation and I feel that is occuring a strange behaviour between buddpress, bbpress and groups.

    My installation has two websites, the root and a second where I am planning run the community, however as I would like to share users avatar between the entire network I activated the buddypress in multisite mode.

    The problem is that when I use the code to define to buddypress to run in community, my option to assign forum to groups disappear from the group management are in the network panel. However if I create a group, a forum is created normally in the subsite (bbpress is activated in subsite only).

    I would like to know if this is the normal behaviour from the plugin? I feel that if I set buddypress to run in a subsite in the network mode, it should still displaying the select forum metabox but grabbing information from the bbpress installation in the subsite.

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