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Buddypress hacked by fake users/blogs/posts

  • eleese


    Hello everybody

    For the last few weeks, I’v been experiencing some hacking in my buddypress installation

    Every day I get about 3 o 4 fake user registrations, blog creations and posts.

    This new accounts are automatically generated by some sort of bot, it seems. since usernames are just random keywords and all other fields are set with some letter and numbers combination.

    I already installed captcha, Bad Behaviour, and many others and still is the same. I also enabled an option to authorize user before registering, but users are still comming from nowhere.

    I really think users are getting registered using an alternative registrarion form, or something like that.

    The point is I can’t stop this form happening. And every day I have to manually delete all this blogs and fake users.

    This, of course, is really bad since I can’t make any promotional campaign on my site until this is solved.

    I just checked and already have 5 new fake users :( This is really annoying

    So.. do you know of any backdoor on WPMU o Buddypress that this robot could be using to register? I badly need a solution to this. I did all I could on my own… with no results. So I kindly request your help on this now.


    Running WordPress MU 2.8.6 with Buddypress Version 1.1.3

    many thanks in advance.

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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