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Buddypress home theme is non localizable

  • JurMous


    The current theme contains a lot of English inside. None of the sentences are beautifully contained within the localizable brackets. I know most is copied from the standard wordpress theme which is also non localizable.

    Now I need to include a separate translated version of the theme in the language pack. And a whole theme makes the download a multitudes larger than only the po & mo for the language.

    Why not localize all the english terms in the theme and make the default BuddyPress theme cleaner than WordPress’ default? You only need one po included with the theme.

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  • MartinNr5


    There is one PO as far as I know. I’m 92% done translating BP to Swedish for instance.



    There is one PO file indeed for BuddyPress components. And I think the language pieces in the buddypress home theme should be separate so people can more easily change the language in of the theme without compromising the translations for BuddyPress itself.

    Shouldn’t be there a language file for the home theme?

    Ah nice to have also a swedish version soon :)



    MartinNr5: need help with the Swedish translation? I was about to start doing that next week, but I see no need to re-do finished work.

    Should be fully translatable in the latest.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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