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BuddyPress in /plugins/ not /mu-plugins/ from r1303+

  • Please read this:

    This is the change needed to support automatic updates, and the reason why 1.0 has been delayed until WPMU 2.7.1.

    Any questions, please post them here and I will try and help out.


    For the plugins:

    1. Delete all the BuddyPress plugins from /mu-plugins/
    2. Download the latest from the trunk (via svn co is best) or use the zip link at the bottom of this page:
    3. Extract or checkout all of the plugins to /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/
    4. Log in as a site admin, and head to the \”Plugins\” admin panel. You will need to activate the \”BuddyPress\” plugin.

    If you are using the default BuddyPress themes with no changes:

    1. If you are using the default themes with no changes, delete the /wp-content/member-themes/ directory.
    2. Move /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/ to /wp-content/bp-themes/
    3. If you want to use the BuddyPress home theme, move /wp-content/bp-themes/buddypress-home/ to /wp-content/themes/buddypress-home/

    If you are using your own customized themes:

    1. Copy the functions.php in /buddypress-member/ theme to your own BuddyPress member theme\’s functions.php file.
    2. Copy the header.php from the /buddypress-member/ theme to your own BuddyPress member theme, make any adjustments you need.
    3. Copy the /directories/ folder from the /buddypress-member/ theme into your own BuddyPress member theme.
    4. Copy the \”directories.css\” file from the /css/ directory into your own BuddyPress theme\’s /css/ directory (or paste the styles into your style.css file if you do not have a css directory.
    5. Make sure your BuddyPress member theme is sitting in /wp-content/bp-themes/[theme-name] NOT /wp-content/member-themes/[theme-name]

    If you are using a modified version of the BuddyPress home theme:

    1. Copy the functions.php in /buddypress-home/ theme to your own home theme’s functions.php file.
    2. Copy the header.php from the /buddypress-home/ theme to your own home theme, make any adjustments you need.

    Once WordPress MU 2.7.1 is released there will be a proper zip to download of RC2, so people can ease into these changes. Shortly after 1.0 will be released.

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  • Lance Willett


    Again, from now on BuddyPress will ONLY work with WPMU 2.7.1+ so please use the 2.7 branch from the WordPress MU SVN repo. Link:

    I’ve been using the 2.7 tagged release for MU, not the branch. Are you saying that going forward BuddyPress requires keeping our MU installs up to date with the 2.7 branch rather than using a tag (2.7.1 doesn’t have tag yet I noticed)?

    Using the tagged releases is what I always recommend for normal WordPress installs since it’s usually a nice stable release with a clean cutoff at a version number, and doesn’t get committed to generally. But it looks like MU devs (Donncha) don’t tag as often as devs do, so maybe it’s a bad idea to rely on tags for MU.

    No, sorry that isn\’t all that clear. Until the actual tagged official version of WPMU 2.7.1 comes out, you will need to use the branch. After that, you are fine using tagged versions, or the zip download, as long as it is version 2.7.1 or newer.

    If you\’re using SVN, then \”svn switch\” makes it pretty easy.

    Lance Willett


    Thanks for the clarification. I think there are two types of typical WP/WPMU/BuddyPress users: (1) like to run the latest bleeding edge on everything and (2) like to have a stable release that is easy to update.

    Depending on the client and site, I fit into both categories.

    And yes, “svn switch” is awesome — that’s how I update my normal installs every time a new release is ready (tagged). That workflow (svn switch with tagged releases) is a perfect setup for type 2 above since it’s mostly worry-free.



    Just ran a couple sites through the plugin move without any big problems. BP_PLUGIN_DIR and BP_PLUGIN_URL are nice additions.

    The only thing I noticed is that the BP Core plugin needed to be activated first. I got some errors at first just clicking activate for the plugins from top to bottom.

    Yes, I’ll be adding graceful error messages for when bp-core has not yet been activated.



    1. Will this affect other plugins? Do they have to be moved to /plugins/ too?

    2. Do I require to enable plugin per user? or just admin?

    3. Could you point me to list of bug fixes between rc1 and rc2, can’t find it…

    3. I doubt there is one. I suppose you could read through the Trac if you were very desperate. Most of the stuff has been bug fixes; short of some of the theme changes and this plugin directory change, I can’t think of anything that’s a “new” feature.

    1. No

    2. No just the admin

    3. Everything on this first page, and then to #485 on the second page has been fixed since RC-1:



    What is the safe upgrade procedure? Should I just drop the files in /plugins/ like it says in the installation guide then remove the old files from mu-plugins and login as admin and activate?

    Would that be the right way to do it?

    One more question. Are the members able to see/activate/deactivate the plugins when I have plugins menu enabled?

    thank you.

    Only site admins can see and activate/deactivate the plugins. Please see the first post again for proper install instructions.



    Ok so i just uploaded my svn and it has messed up a few things like the admin bar is displaying funny on the bottom and my profile nav buttons and options nave buttons are now displaying funny..

    Currently i am runing bp 1309 and a stable zip uploaded wpmu 2.7

    My site Spots kenya is part of a final year degree project and so its quite important that when i reach the handin (May 15) it is fairly stable.

    The question I have are these..

    1) Should i revert back to a svn previous to 1303 and just work with that or…

    2) Should i start from scratch quite literally… I have no users at the moment so my database can be scrapped.

    3) if i start from scratch i assume that i…. c o into what a) my root OR b) a folder eg wpmu then transfer the files to spotskenya base or root. c)

    4) once i have wpmu running perfectly i can then

    a) co to say /wp-content/buddy press

    b) use symbolic links to /wp-content/plugins —- guide here ( which needs to be updated to plugin btw.

    c) or just transfer (which will not update latest svn changes.

    5) Re upload my bp-spotskenya-theme to /wp-content/bp-themes/ (WHAT CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE THE THEM ?)

    Anything that i ahve missed?? Please say…

    Sorry if this is all really basic but i am learning as i go but really do need to get it right as its quite a chunk of my degree..

    thanks so much..

    Read the instructions I just posted in the first message. Please also make sure you are not using the MU trunk, but the 2.7 branch.

    svn co

    You shouldn’t need to start again, as long as you have followed all of the instructions.



    Yes sorry i missed the first post instructions….

    I will follow the instructions once i have 2.7.1 implimented this…

    svn co

    BUT HOW… do i impliment this svn on top of my current stable wpmu 2.7 from zip…

    what i mean is how do i sortof upgrade my current “current stable wpmu 2.7 from zip” to this the wpmu branch 2.7.1 from snv …current stable wpmu 2.7 from zipsvn co

    does that make sense?


    Didn’t mean to hijack the thread, but I think my question is somewhat related to this specific thread. Thanks…

    When wordpress mu 2.7.1 comes out as stable on, will buddypress RC2 or later will have proper upgrade procedures for us who do not use subversion stuffs?

    Or upgrading buddypress is easy as delete the old plugins from mu-plugin or plugins directory (for RC2), and replace it with RC2 plugins (pick and choose components)?

    I have never try upgrade Buddypress yet in fear of breaking stuffs. Any help would be great.



    Hi this was straight forward and fixed a few issues i had with images showing up… I don\’t know if you mentioned it but with your custom theme you also need to update the functions.php within your \”theme\” folder aswell as the function.php within the “bp-theme” folder… well I was getting alot of errors till i did that… very straight forward up grade Thanks



    Problem: [Members], [Groups] or [Blogs] links not working after this update.

    Solution: read on ..

    I have just spent all day trying to make it work with my custom theme. It finally works the way it should so I just thought I\’d post the solution here in case someone else is having the same problem.

    I upgraded by following the instructions step by step including the costume theme updates and everything went smoothly. My custom theme is based on the default BP theme but heavily modified.

    As I said everything worked fine except when I clicked on [Members], [Groups] or [Blogs] directories I was getting \”Access Denied – you don\’t have permission blah blah ….\” message.

    I found out the updated default Buddypress members theme is missing page.php and there was a new directory \”directories\” added which contains the pages for [members] [groups] and [blogs]

    So everyone who\’s having the same problem as I had, just copy the \”directories\” from the latest bp members theme and put it in your theme. Style it to match your theme look and that\’s it.

    I hope that helps.

    EDIT: Andy, maybe it would be a good idea to mention it in the upgrade instructions above

    Thanks Robert, I have updated the instructions.

    Aron Jay


    ok, not yet good to try..wpmu 2.7.1-beta1

    i got a bunch of warning in includes/plugin.php



    Same for me. I get somethin like this:

    Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument in /xxx/xxx/public_html/xxx/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php on line 233

    John James Jacoby


    Just a note for everyone to consider, is that there are two separate applications going on here, and not every trunk/branch of one is going to take into consideration every trunk/branch of the other. This may go without saying for many, but I think it’s fair to remind everyone again…

    While the goal is for everything to stay as stable as possible, it’s still a cat and mouse game until WPMU 2.7.1 comes out, and BuddyPress 1.0 comes out. Anything before that, is going to give you headaches and cause problems if you’re trying to stay on the bleeding edge of what’s going on.

    When new trunks/betas/rc’s come out, if you have a stable, working environment that works well enough as it is, my personal suggestion (unless you have the time, patience, and understanding userbase) is to leave well enough alone on live sites, and use the trunks and betas on a separate install ONLY for you to become comfortable with the changes as they happen.

    You wouldn’t install the next beta version of Windows on your work computer right? Not if your livelihood is at stake!

    Long story short, don’t count on any of these things actually working 100% of the time. Read, re-read, and thrice-read the upgrade instructions as they don’t become 100% clear until you’ve already messed them up. :)



    how about all the additional mods/plugins that work with buddyrpess ?

    bp-dev plugins



    those go in mu_plugins ?

    or mu_plugins/buddypress/ ?

    You can put those mods wherever you usually put them (i.e. where you had them in the previous version of buddypress is fine). Only move them as and when the instructions that come with those mods are updated.



    I had to put BP-dev plugins inside /plugins/buddypress/

    however, not all of them work now…. my profile widgets do not show up in the “show widgets” area of the appearance>widgets>

    the “widget area” shows up on the profile page, but i cannot add any of the widgets in

    appearance>widgets> from the wp-admin backend

    should i just add these sidebars to the functions page?

    am i missing something? are they in wrong spot?



    I’m using the latest, but I had no option to turn on each buddypress plugins. The only option I could use was to activate BuddyPress from plugin administration page.



    btw, where should bp-custom go? the same dir as buddypress after r1303?

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