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buddypress insalled in a subdomain help needed

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    Well I can’t seem to find a ‘difinitive’ guide to installing buddypress into a subdomain instead of being the primary blog itself, so I’ll ask here.

    First of all I installed wpmu 2.7.1 with the subdomain choice instead of subfolders.

    wpmu is installed in my site root itself, not in a subfolder etc..

    Here is what I want to happen.

    1. my primary domain will become a standard wordpress ‘news’ theme that has nothing to do with buddypress at all, other than a link in the navigation to get to buddypress.

    2. I create a blog called community so the buddypress can be reached via

    Here is where I get stuck:

    as the buddypress theme has now moved outside of the ‘themes’ directory, into wp-content/bp-themes/buddypress-home there is now no way for me to choose the buddypress-home as my theme for the ‘community’ blog.

    Could someone please provide detailed instructions on how I can get this working?


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    well i copied the bp home theme to the themes directory and then chose that as my theme.

    That seemed to fix all of the problems except one.

    Now when I try to upload an avatar for my member acct, it says it uploads but there is no avatar to crop, just the crop tool.

    (this was working perfectly prior to my moving buddypress to the subdomain)

    is this a known problem?



    Digging even further:

    When I go into the avatars folder on my server I can see the avatar after I upload it via ftp.

    Even though no avatar shows up to crop if I click the crop button twice, it creates 2 images in my avatars folder. Those files are mostly black but I could see a corner of the picture it was going to crop.

    Very strange.

    the only thing that changed was moving bp to a subdomain as far as i can tell.

    all plugins other than buddypress are deactivated, so no conflict there.

    Here is a very strange issue:

    when the image is uploaded, prior to cropping I can see the missing picture. It is pointing to×327.jpg

    If I remove the community. so it’s×327.jpg

    then the image shows up, of course not in the cropping page.

    so it seems that the cropping tool does not like the community. subdomain

    makes me guess there is some setting somewhere to change and tell bp that it’s in community.

    any ideas?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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