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BuddyPress integration with (Zaps)

  • neilmudie


    Hi. I’m trying to implement a WordPress/BuddyPress ‘membership’ site that delivers online training via Learning Management Systems. Some of the candidate LMSs have limited integration with WordPress via their own plugins but a tonne of must-have features in their own LMS cloud app/website. (Unfortunately the WordPress LMSs like LearnDash etc aren’t functionally rich enough.) As such I wondered if It might be possible for BuddyPress to expose itself to Zaps with Zap.Actions (& maybe Zap.Triggers). For example when a Learner completes their LMS course and sends the event to, I’d like to create a Zap that uses this LMS.Course-Complete trigger to make a zap-action of ‘Log course completion [User] in BuddyPress Activity Stream.

    Other triggers/events might be: Course-Enrolment[User]; Course-Pass/Fail[User]; Lesson-Complete/Pass/Fail[User]; Topic-Complete/Pass/Fail[User] & Quiz/Test-Complete/Pass/Fail[User].


    Look forward to any constructive replies, including any known work-arounds or tips to implement the functionality myself.

    Cheers, Neil

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