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Buddypress iPhone Theme?

  • I personally have never touched or looked at an iPhone theme for wordpress, but was thinking about either doing a CSS plugin for mobile phones based off the home and member themes or trying to alter an existing iPhone (iTouch) theme. Anyone have an ideas or experience with these types of themes? Any pointers or ideas?

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  • seppolaatle112


    To be quite honest I have never touched any iPhone, but anyway I want to ask what kind of web-browser the iPhone is using? All the time I see iPhone-plugins for WP and MU, but don’t quite understand that people actually make a plugin just for that ugly phone…

    Wouldt a plugin making the main blog and member theme aviable to all smartphones be an option? It’s not like the whole world is using iPhone…. ?

    I’m building a theme for the iphone for my installation. It runs safari. is a nice iPhone site if you want to look at their code.



    Look for YUI ;)

    David Bisset


    Look at MobilePress and WPTouch for ways to show different looks of a WP site to mobile users (the latter is especially for the iPhone). There are at least a few other stylesheets and templates as well. I have an iPhone, and these have been decently successful on standard WP sites. The iPhone browser uses MobileSafari.

    What I would really like to see is an iPhone app that would allow you to browse almost ANY Buddypress site with a standard look-and-feel.



    I don’t know if this mobile framework is working out of the box for buddypress, but the framework behing this theme is really well done.

    It is not just iPhone, but really mobile oriented with two types of mobile, the ones with a trackpad and the touch ones. Works really well on Nokia Nserie for example and on iPhone and Android.



    What is the latest on this? Carrington looks good. Is it still the best option?

    Is there any way to test it online? I’ve installed the Carrington theme, but it’s not detected in online emulators I guess. I don’t have a smartphone yet… (broke…)



    A smartphone (iphone/ android) theme would be a very good contribution to a social cms like buddypress and I think that this task is so important that it should be developed by the core developers( @apeatling @MrMaz). Iphone & Android users will rapidly grow very strong (e.g. gowalla, foursquare) which they already have, and since buddypress is a social script it fits perfectly into mobile interaction. Imagine that mobile users could interact with their buddies (friends) using geolocation capabilities.

    This awesome feature would lift buddypress into a new dimension.

    An iphone/ android app might be better than just a mobile website. I have heard that coding with Titanium Mobile ( would make this app task easier.

    What do you think?

    sure. Buddypress on an iPhone would be cool but … what would you have? just the activity stream like an RSS feed?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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