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Buddypress is adding username slug/prefix to my menu url link

  • Niconne


    Hi everyone! I have one strange issue with my WordPress site and I hope someone can help resolve it. So my website is a social network. It requires a user to log in, once logged in as a user I can open the title bar menu and buddy panel menu with no problem. However, when I click on my profile, which ultimately sends me to the buddy press site, for some reason buddy press is adding username slug/prefix to menu urls. So basically it’s like this:

    My original menu url is:
    When I click on my profile and then want to click on menu item then it’s like:

    I tried to resolve this by adding menu item as a custom link but that solution won’t work.

    Is there some option in Buddypress to turn it off or maybe some code in php file needs to be changed?

    I appreciate your time reading my post and hope to get some solution. Thanks

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