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BuddyPress is breaking two functions of my theme

  • syq


    I am using DeTube ( which supports BuddyPress.

    However, when I activate the BuddyPress theme it breaks two features – a video scroll box and gridview.

    If I deactivate the BuddyPress plugin both features work again.

    I am looking for some assistance in troubleshooting and fixing this problem. Is there anyone else who is using this theme perhaps with BuddyPress?

    If anyone wants to see an example I can send you to my website. BuddyPress is currently disabled – you can see the two features work. Then, once I enable BuddyPress you will see both features no longer work.

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  • You have things a little back to front;  you need to be addressing this issue to the theme author in the first instance. If these features which are breaking are part of this themes custom offerings and if this theme is said to be BP compatible then it stands to reason those features will have been tested to work in a BP enabled site. If they are breaking then the theme author needs to determin why and whether he may need to update his theme to match the latest stable BP release or if he finds a deeper issue report that to tarc.bp and raise a ticket.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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