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BuddyPress issue

  • primozlazar


    I have Kalium theme on two websites: and
    I added a plugin BuddyPress to and didn’t work.

    Then I installed BuddyPress on to test if it is a conflict with Theme, and it worked.
    So, the plugin works on (you can see on this page that it shows members:

    On BuddyPress still didn’t work (check this page and you will see that members of BuddyPress dont show up:‚Äč, I deactivated all the plugins and tried to see where is the conflict and nothing happened. Then I switched the theme to some basic wordpress theme and suddenly BuddyPress Worked. So BuddyPress works with any othere theme on except installed theme Kalium.

    I have:
    WordPress 4.9.5 running Kalium theme (
    BuddyPress Version 2.9.4
    And bunch of pluginsthat I deactivated all but doesnt help anyway.

    We also manually set higher 256 RAM on this site (but I dont know if this kind of settings have anything to do with issue – I am not an expert)

    Please, can somebody look into my website, I will give you Login Details and Payment in exchange of solving the issue.

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  • primozlazar


    dont worry guys we found an issue, the developer needed to add some custom code in theme and it worked out, I dont exactly know what he did but never mind




    I’m interested in knowing what your developper did. I have the same issue.

    Could you let me know please ?

    Best regards


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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