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BuddyPress Layout Issues & Questions.

  • AaronLeigh


    Hey Everybody,

    You know the deal, I’m a BuddyPress newb… no idea what I’m doing, just fumbling my way through it so on and so forth. You’ve heard it all before.

    I have recently added BuddyPress and bbPress to my gaming website:

    I’m having a few slight issues and not really sure where to go about fixing them. Let’s see if I can explain them properly.

    1) On the User Profile Page, Members List (under Forums button) a “Show” filter drop down menu overlaps my widgets on the right hand side of the website. I would like to move it to the other side out of the way. Here’s an example page: and here:

    2) Using the same profile example link above, you will see that the users name shows up twice. i.e. AaronLeigh”>AaronLeigh I can’t see anything in the settings that will change that so it only appears once.

    3) Is there a way to sync the “default” display picture from WordPress to BuddyP? For example in the Members list, some users profiles show up as a broken image icon. These members haven’t added a custom picture. But throughout our website comments are shown up as our mascot “Pixel Pete” the “DeadPixel”… except for buddy press.

    Hopefully this all makes sense.

    Honestly to all the people out there who know how to really work WordPress I tip my hat to you!

    I’m proud of the work I’ve done so far (all by myself *puffs chest*) but I find myself constantly lost and would much rather pay someone else to get the website in working order. But not really sure how to go about that haha.

    Thanks for what ever help you guys can give. If you can’t, no biggy…I will just keep walking aimlessly throughout the internet.



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