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BuddyPress Loading VERY slow

  • Hello, I run BP 1.5 with the newest stable version of wordpress on a 40GB Hard Drive 3GB or RAM and a 1024Ghz (dual CPU’s adding up to that) VPS. The transition form an older server went well. However pages are taking a long time to load even with W3. The Activity page takes the longest out of all and many slow MySQLP queries are popping up in the log. I have optimized the tables and have a good my.cnf configuration that keeps pages loading (even with the slow load time.) Any advice would be helpful. Also my VPS is CentOS with cpanel and the newest stable version of MySQL. I have also trimmed down the plugins to the bare essentials that I absolutely require for my site.

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  • I’ve not seen or had any evidence of slow down in 1.5 (or a difference from 1.2.10, for that matter). Taking your Activity page as an example, are you sure it’s a slow *database query* that’s causing the slow page load? Maybe Apache or PHP could be dealing with it slowly.

    How many records do you have in your Activity table?

    I will look into PHP and apache’s memory usage, what do you recommend for PHP memory limits and apache configuration for a large buddypress site? I am not sure about how many records I have but I know that my database as a whole is 165.3MB
    Ill update with any other details



    @aaron524 hi i’m having the same problem as well and this only happens when my site has around 80 visitors on it, but when no one except for me is on it then it loads fast. @djpaul mind telling me why this is happening because i really want to setup buddypress for my site to make it community base.
    Check this link: to see some of my server stats that i posted up. One more thing that i forgot to mention, mySQL database is only 36MB.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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