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BuddyPress Logic

  • julianprice


    I thought I would post this question here with further content in order to give some effort of contribution. Everyone should be grateful to all those contributing develop & support to the BuddyPress project.

    I love the BuddyPress project and continuously trying to learn how to best use it in the future especially just learning some php & barely html/css. But I really putting effort in learning the Logic of the components–I guess I someone of Analysis Paralyze.

    I mention on the at of curosity of the Logic of Members. I put much thought in this and found some great videos from WordCamp, MeetUps and/or others how to use /extend BuddyPress.

    For me Members = People –> Person Profile
    Single Member or Person = Relational Fields Grouped i.e people, places, things/interest
    Groups (I believe should be first thought) in order to map profile fields = Collection of People(Members)

    Just thought I would ask…

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