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BuddyPress Member Theme + Deep Integration

  • danielfelice


    I was playing with bbpress and deep integration over the weekend and found it easy enough to setup.

    I am wondering if it is possible to do the same just with a BP member theme.

    The idea would be to call the header, footer, sidebar etc from within the bpmember themes. I noticed each page there is the get_header tag which gets the header from the root of the bpmember folder.

    We would need to write some code that tells it to step out of the bpmember theme and pickup the wordpress header instead.

    All you would need is the header and footer, the content areas of the bpmember theme could stay the same. All you would then have to do is add the css tags into the home themes stylesheet to display the content areas as they are already or with mods do make it fit better within the theme.

    Any ideas? Is this even possible? What is the equivilant to wp-config.php within BP ?


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  • pxlgirl


    It must be possible somehow, b/c these forums here are integrated the same way. It is still stand-alone, but looking the same like the rest of this site. Please guys, tell us your secret. :D

    The equivalent to wp-config is bb-config in your bbpress/ folder. I do have a path to my wp-blog-header.php, but that was for put the buddybar on top of the forums. I also have experimented with ThemePress, a theme that’s supposed to load your header and footer, but it all looks messy and won’t show the buddybar, or the link to the forums in my nav.

    Any other ideas would be welcome.




    I take it you’d like to have a better integration between the bphome and the bpmember themes right?

    All of this is going to be included in the September 1.1 update as Andy is implementing WordPress’ child theme possibilities.



    Bpisimone, I think what you meant was discussed in another topic, I was writing about editing images from 3 different directories to adjust my design, which can become a bit annoying when upgrading.

    In this topic it’s about making the forums look the same like the rest of the site, including buddybar (this one is already working on the bbpress default theme), header, navigataion and footer. Or did I get something wrong? ;)


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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