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BuddyPress MultiSite

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    Can someone let me know the status of BP as it relates to being able to create multiple BP sites who users are NOT seen in each member directory? I simply want the ability to host BP sites which can be managed separately from the main site. Meaning I don’t want to see the same members in each sites directory.

    In the past I’ve used Networks+ along with multi-site and BP-multinetwork which allowed the sites to be managed separately, groups and blogs were separate to the site, but members where shared across the entire directory. I can’t seem to get any support or response to my emails so I’m unsure of the status of this project. Right now I’m using the BuddyDev bp-multinetwork plugin on a single multi-site installation and it allows the separation of users, group, and blogs as needed. The problem is that you have to enable registrations at the main site and it allows sites to registered at the sub-site level. This process is broken and simply doesn’t work as http://newsite. is returned instead of The same for user registrations in that they too have to be enabled at the main site first. I don’t want any of this as I’d like for each BP community to be managed separately yet installed under a single multisite installation. This will vary on the project but basically I want the ability to:
    1. Host a single multisite installation which allows the purchase of a BP enabled community site that allows only member registrations at that site. I have no need for members to be seen in each sites directory and I also have no need for blogs to be created at the subsite. For this I’d create a multi-network.
    2. Host a BP multi-network installation which allows the creation of member blogs on that network. In this I don’t want members to be seen in each sub-sites directory on that network.

    Can anyone confirm if this is possible with the latest version BP or do I have to continue to rely on separate plugins? If so which is there a solution for either of these being recommended in “these” forums?

    Any responses appreciated.
    Note: although checked I don’t think I get notifications.

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