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BuddyPress MultiSite

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    Hello Community – am looking for advice first and then probably technical help as I go along (probably hire a consultant maybe) …

    I have in my head that creating a very large BuddyPress site is best devided by multisite? I will have a common target user base (the kind of user who will sign up), but multisite will give me the ability to build specific sub-domains / sites with targeted content and ads and other for specific cities?

    Am also thinking I can have common Groups – where one multisite user can contibute and meet others from other multisites? Say a user in Maimi, FL can meet someone in San Francisco by a common Group forum I set up in the Home site (domain root site)? For ex: user in has the same Black Lab as user in and they talk about the best exersize, traits, etc.. under the Pets => Black Lab Forum. They then can become BuddyPress friends and communicate across sites? Then – in my Miami site, I can advertize Vet serivces local to Miami and visa versa a la San Fran?

    I have all the latest installs: BuddyPress 1.8.1, WordPress 3.6, etc.. Am I on the right track, or, is another platform better suited to my idea?

    I think it’s one large DB (which can get VERY large) – but am I thinking correctly and better yet, should I ask for professional help in setting up? Has anyone done this before?

    Thanks in adance – Steve.

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