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BuddyPress No Longer Working

  • AZBros


    BuddyPress has worked fine on my website ( since I launched it. This morning I wanted to change my profile banner, but when I clicked the Settings link on my site, the page took forever to load and finally said it could not be reached. I tried clicking on Activity and Notifications and they both responded the same way. I checked to see if there was an update, but there was none. I can access my BuddyPress files within my Dashboard, but I can’t access my profile. Any ideas what might have happened? The only major change I’ve made to my site within the past couple days was installing Wordfence on my site. I did some research and don’t see any conflicts between the two plugins.

    Hopefully someone can give me some suggestions to get BuddyPress working properly again. Thanks!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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