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BuddyPress not playing well with bbPress login widget

  • caming


    Posted this yesterday, but it confused even me — so I’m not surprised it wasn’t addressed.

    Basically, I’m using the bbPress login widget to handle site-wide logins.

    But when users try to login immediately after activation, they’re technically logged it, but BP spits out an error anyway. Here’s the screen shot …

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    PS – A note to admins/keymasters — One thing I’ve noticed with bbPress and BuddyPress is that while the software is lovely, there are quite a few holes in terms of UX. i.e. bbPress will say things like “You must be logged in to post” but doesn’t offer a login or register link. On BP’s side, the account becomes activated, but no additional help is provided — no links, login form, etc. Users love actions!

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  • bp-help


    If your using BuddyPress then it should login users to use forums as well. I think you may want to post this issue on the bbpress forums as well.



    Did you click link from email sent after signup?



    Having a same issue. @modemlooper for my case I did click the link on activation email. it only gives error when you try to sign in with bbpress login widget after you get account activated success message.

    Anyone have solution for this issue?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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