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BuddyPress not sending verification email

  • Hello

    Folks whose email address contain the domain name of the BuddyPress site are not receiving their verification email (not showing up in spam filters either). They are not showing up anywhere in the BuddyPress admin either, but I can see them in in the wp_users table in the database.

    If you register with a gmail account the verification email comes right away.

    How do I verify the users that are already in the wp_users table, and how do I ensure that staff of the org having email addresses with the domain name can receive verification emails.

    The BuddyPress instance is run in a subfolder; not sure if that matters.

    Any help much appreciated.


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  • And obviously all those accounts have mail boxes and , receive emails to addresses such as"> is your server hosting BP acknowledged as a server allowed to relay mail from itself under that domain, this sounds more like an issue with your mail server and how it’s been configured – too tightly in respect of spam checking? you may want to check your email logs see what has been arriving at your email server and how it’s dealt with it.

    Thanks Hugo.

    Yes all mailboxes are solid and legit and have been receiving email for years.

    I’ve checked mail logs and spam and these emails are nowhere to be found.

    Contacted host as well and they have suggested utilizing a WordPress plugin called ‘MailFrom’:

    Anyone know anything about this plugin, and how it might resolve this problem.
    I’m OK with trying it out, but don’t really want to throw a plugin at a problem without really knowing why I’m getting the problem (one more plugin to create possible problems).


    Agreed on the matter of adding a plugin to cure the symptoms, it’s not really a solution; sending email is a fiddly business due to a plethora of badly implemented solutions for trying to ID spam mail, but essentially moving email around is not rocket science and ‘sendmail’ or similar apps work quite well to achieve this, generally this sort of issue will be to do with receiving servers not being happy with the mail, either they can’t perform a reverse lookup on the domain or they are trying to check for a SPF record and not finding one. Not sure what to suggest other than that, your site/server is sending emails successfully so I don’t see the point of a further plugin, reviewing any mailer-deamon failure emails if they exist and can be found can help by tracking down any error numbers returned, but logs are really the only means to working out what is happening here.

    Is your mail server located elsewhere for that domain? is the box you are running your site on a cpanel or plesk enabled one? i so does that have a mail server running set to your domain, control panels can tend to set up defaults that are not obvious and run services such as email servers that you may not want and that may be trapping your domain mail and returning it to it’s self rather than pushing it on off the box.

    Hi Hugo.

    Yes, the email server and DNS are located in our building (run by a separate org), and point to the arecord at the webhost.
    This is, I think, quite possibly the prob and I’ve put in a call to the org that runs the mail server but they can be slow to respond.

    The website host uses CPanel.

    Thanks for your replies.

    That is going to be the issue, pass the problem off to them to solve as it’s essentially a domain configuration problem, once they’re aware of the problem they will know how to correct. While you are working with them you might as well ensure they have set a SPF record for the domain and also PTA records both will help ensure mail servers can satisfy there spam checks and verify the domain and the server as being an authorised one to send mail for that domain.

    Thanks very much for sharing the knowledge Hugo.
    We’re intending to move our email offsite asap. One more reason to do so…
    I’ve been in touch with the folks running the email server again.

    All the best!



Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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