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Buddypress on HTTPS SPDY Protocol Errors

  • swinglecoza



    By the usual process of elimination, I’ve nailed this issue down to Buddypress. Once you SSL your site (making sure to follow all the recommendations and changes to wp-config etc), every post action in WordPress will be met by a SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR page. Refresh page, post again, all good. It’s more of an annoyance than a show stopper, but visitors are unforgiving, so the drop off rate is badly impacted.

    Based on my research, it seems to be related to relative / hard-coded url structures within the plugin that cause the malfunction. To reproduce it, go to home page, wait 5 secs for all the scripts to complete, and login using the widget. Boom > SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR (SSL Cert Lock in URL goes (!) ). Refresh, SSL lock goes green, et voila, login. It happens on most things though, so it must be a mixed content thing with Buddypress.

    The Remove HTTP plugin hadsn’t helped unfortunately either.

    PHP version >= PHP 5.2.4 (Minimum version required by WordPress) 5.6.30
    WordPress Version 4.7.3
    WP_SITEURL Explicitly set site URL
    WP_HOME Explicitly set blog URL
    BuddyPress – Version 2.8.2 Active
    GeneratePress Version 1.3.44 Active
    X-Powered-By => PHP/5.6.30
    Server => LiteSpeed

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