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BuddyPress on Multisite

  • tammy1999


    I have a multisite with a main site (no BuddyPress) and sub-site 1 with BuddyPress.

    Recently migrated the sub-site 1 to another sub-site 2 where we are going to use this for only BuddyPress but we wanted to bring over the 70+ clubs, etc to the new subsite.

    Problem, when I go from subsite 1 to subsite 2, the membership isn’t activated. I can tell because the profile area is gone and you can’t use any group admin areas.

    How can I make membership share now on subsite 2??


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  • I think, you can’t do that easily.

    Reason: BuddyPress activated and is working on subsite 1, where all of its tables created. Subsite 2 is completely independent site with even own list of users.

    To fix this: you will need to write quite heavy bridge, that will query the subsite 1 and asks each time whether user has there what you need on subsite 2.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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