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BuddyPress Options Still Allowing Users to Post in Stream and Profile

  • abossola


    THis is a great plugin but I have some issues. Does anyone else have the problem where the user can sign up and post to the stream via “latest activity” and edit their profile BEFORE I can moderate in admin? Shouldn’t technically the user have ZERO privileges until approved? What happens is that all spam registrations, show in stream as added. I asked the plugin author in his forum but he is unresponsive. Anyone have this working properly? Thanks in advance!

    BP 1.1.3

    WP 2.8.6

    PHP 5.2.8

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  • peterverkooijen


    That’s how BP works. There is almost no security, privacy and member management built into BP. The focus is on expanding features.

    There are various efforts underway to bolt better management on via plugins etc. This plugin for example offers new member moderation.

    Jeff Sayre is working on a privacy component, but apparently has decided he needs to be compensated – and rightly so!

    Do the user accounts come from the regular user registration process (i.e. not Facebook Connect) and can you please remind me where in the wp-admin you can set user moderation on new accounts?



    @Peterverkooijen sorry for the confusion but I was actually referring to the Buddy Press Registration Options Plugin that you actually mentioned. I seem to be having issues with it and I just wanted to confirm a few things.

    DJPaul, registration are coming the normal registration page and I’ve set the BP Registration Options plugin set to enabled.

    Could you make a trac ticket on for this issue? Not sure if WPMU/BP bug or to do with the plugin, but if you create the ticket so I get a reminder, I’ll give it a test.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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