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BuddyPress Order By not showing Alphabetical when Extended Profiles are disabled

  • darrennye


    This is an odd problem that I’ve seen referenced before, but no concrete solutions that work.

    What happens, is if I have the Extended Profiles enabled, then the “Alphabetical” option in the “Order By” drop down of the Member Directory page, does not get displayed.

    But as soon as I enable Extended Profiles, then I see the Alphabetical option in the drop-down.

    The other quirk I have, is when I have the Extended Profiles enabled, I do not see WordPress’s “Biographical Info” field displayed, when I’m Viewing my Profile.

    Yet if I have Extended Profiles disabled, then I see the Biographical Info displayed as “About Me” when viewing my Profile. And yet I also have no option to “Edit” my Profile, when Extended Profiles are off.

    You see the issue, is my users have typed in basic bio/profile info in their Biographical Info field (I believe since one of the bbPress plugins easily enables that). And since they have spent time doing this, I want to display it in the Profiles and let them Edit it when using the BuddyPress Profile options. Unfortunately it is not displaying when Extended Profiles is enabled.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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