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Bottom used as a test site!

  • It strikes me that some people might be under the mistaken impression that this is a test site / playground or at least that there is little obvious mention that an actual test site is set up to explore and experiment with. The creation of test groups and activity for no real purpose could start to get slightly irritating here. Could clear mention along with a link to be made somewhere? Perhaps on the sign up page if not elsewhere.

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  • The only people who can police Group creation or remove groups is Andy Peatling and John James Jacoby.

    @DJPaul Yes understood although as I’ve said something that would be better delegated down to the mods; Andy 😉 the three main mods / original mods i.e not group mods ought to be given admin privileges. Besides that though we can at least make an effort to highlight the testbp site and discourage people from using the main site to play around with. No? make sense? :)

    Sure can. Do you have something specific in mind? On what page(s) are you thinking?

    @DJPaul I guess on perhaps registration and community > Groups page; especially the groups page I suppose, a simple set of guidelines not too dictatorial as to reasons a member might want/ may create a group on this site but that on they may experiment if they want to simply get a feel for how BP works. I was slightly surprised that there was no link to the test site from the main page as I had forgotten the link and had to guess a few time at it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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