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BuddyPress Overloading Server

  • NicCrockett


    I’ve figured out the BuddyPress plugin is overloading my server. When I go live this will also affect SEO due to almost triple page load time, even on pages that aren’t BuddyPress related. I narrowed the issue down to a constant call of the admin-ajax.php page in WordPress. This can be turned off by the “Activity auto-refresh” under Options in BuddyPress’ settings. Once turned off, page load decreased significantly and it’s within Google’s acceptable load time. The problem with doing this, is users don’t get updates. They’d have to refresh the page to see updates and they’d have no idea when new updates were added.

    Is there anyway to fix this issue with this switch on? I’m overloading the shared hosting plan while not live and only three users active.

    I thought of one way that doesn’t fix the issue but gives the site owner more leeway. Instead of an on/off switch for the “Activity auto-refresh” setting, can there be a textbox for the site owner to enter refresh milliseconds? The on/off switch can still be present, but for those of us that need more control over this setting using a milliseconds value would give the user somewhat real time updates, meet Google’s page load requirements, and won’t overload shared hosting plans.

    Here’s what the site is running. I’d rather not give the site link out on an open forum and destroy my hosting plan.
    WordPress Version: 5.8.2
    BuddyPress Version: 9.1.1
    Hostinger Business Account and this is the only site on this account so far.


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  • VibeThemes


    Yes is very true. We have created a BuddyPress extension called “Vibe” framework which removes this limitation. The entire social network plugins just runs on 1 single page, all other parts of your site remain as it is with absolutely zero impact.

    The re-freshing of content is really an extremely poor strategy, imagine if you have 10 active users in your site and they just open activity page without posting anything, your server is still receiving 10 hits per X seconds for content refresh. Our plugin we are using Firebase for realtime data change detection. see video :

    BuddyPress is still powerful if you use with right extensions.

    Demo Slot Habanero


    that is very bad, thanks for the info



    Any chance on a fix for this and timeline?



    @niccrockett – thanks for pointing this out!

    I had never seen or noticed ‘“Activity auto-refresh” under Options in BuddyPress’ settings’

    I really hope some kind of slider for seconds.milliseconds can be added to the bp options!

    One of my hosts demanded that I add the ‘heartbeat control’ plugin from wp-rocket (free in the wp-repo: ) in order to keep my wordpress requests down – maybe this can help you in the short term(?)

    I found that having two tabs open with 8 wordpress sites being updated on same server was hammering it with requests from all 16 tabs every so many seconds or whatever – the admin-ajax ddosed my own server account and I did not realize it was a thing.

    surely some kind of javascript timer could pop up a button /tap to refresh/ kind of thing or something? and then the automated refresh can be turned off.. I’d like that.. think I’m gonna turn it off anyway.



    Thank you, this seemed to do everything we needed but must clash with something in our setup. It didn’t solve the issue.

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