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buddypress + p2 theme

  • tomaszg


    In users’ blog I applied p2 template. Interesting because in Recent Posts new post appears immediately and in Site Wide Activity really after writing to him comment ( This is some mistake?

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  • symm2112



    Here are the instructions for using Posthaste if you want to go that route.

    If you comment out the action that places the form near the end of posthaste.php:

    add_action(‘loop_start’, posthasteForm);

    You can manually place the form in your theme where you want it to appear using this code:

    if(function_exists(posthasteForm)) { posthasteForm(); } ?>

    in my theme, I placed it right after the div id=content in my theme and it showed up at the top of the blog before any content.



    OK, thanks Scotm!

    I guess my problem is not so much getting P2 to work within Buddypress and customizing it, but how to use on the Group Blog homepage.

    I may need to test install version 1.2 to see how it uses the post-form. And Posthaste may be a simpler starting point for my problem. Thanks Symm2112!



    Now trying Posthaste again. Removing that line removed the post form from all the loops, but putting this line in the template files does nothing:

    <?php if(function_exists(posthasteForm)) { posthasteForm(); } ?>

    I tried in several files, including regular blog index.php files. Also tried this:

    <? posthasteForm(); ?>

    Still nothing… And if I leave the add_action(‘loop_start’… and just use the form, nothing gets posted, not even on the main/default blog.

    I think I’m closer to a solution with P2, if somebody can help me figure out how to use the P2 post-form from a page that is not the regular index.php of the blog.

    Is there an example of that in Buddypress version 1.2?



    I’m trying to acheive the pretty much the same thing as Peterverkooijen.

    @Scotm – the “extension pack” you mention – is that the same as the “BuddyPress Template Pack”?




    @raoulduke, I did get Posthaste working. I had the tag in the wrong place. It really needs to be right before the loop.

    P2, Posthaste, the TDO Mini Forms plugin all work fine on regular blog index pages, but I can’t get any of them to work on the Group Blog. There is a referral check problem or the form can’t find the right blog ID.



    Thanks for the update Peterverkooijen – I’m going to put this all together today. I’m not at the stage to work with the group blogs.



    I have some problems with avatars and comments posting on my site,

    I have a WordPress + P2 Theme + Buddypress + BBpress combo

    where I use the WordPress + P2 Theme for frontpage postings just by the users promoted as authors and I love the P2 commenting for the rest of the users..

    the problem is that frequently the theme displays the wrong avatar for commenters.

    I suspect the problem is in this P2 function:

    function prologue_get_avatar( $user_id, $email, $size ) {

    if ( $user_id )

    return get_avatar( $user_id, $size );


    return get_avatar( $email, $size );


    Ho can I modify it to allow perfect buddypress integration??

    Another problem I have is that sometimes users reports that the comment they just wront don’t show up like they logged out without notice..

    The website is


Viewing 7 replies - 26 through 32 (of 32 total)
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