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Buddypress page settings inheritance

  • Venutius


    When I first installed Buddypress a couple of years ago, the Buddypress pages inherited the features from the top level page.

    In otherwords, if the theme default was one sidebar, and you set the members page to be two sidebars, then the members profile pages would also have two sidebars.

    Somewhere along the line that has changed, you set the members page to be two sidebars but the profile page reverts to the theme default.

    Is this change deliberate? How can I revert back to the profile page inheriting the members page attributes?

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  • You definitely should try first to re-save page structure in Admin area => Pages => Members.
    Users profile inherits everything related to that page (like slug and structure), BuddyPress just substitutes that page content, so all its settings should be in place.



    I’ve been told that BP does not work that way and has never worked that way, however when I first set up the site that’s exactly how it worked. I tried your suggestion, unfortunately that did not work.

    I was also told to copy my three column layout file from the theme to /themes/buddypress.php but this did not work either.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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