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Buddypress Post New Update Need Help Configuring

  • Danstano



    I want visitors to be able to post from my homepage but don’t want to set the “Activity Page” as the homepage. I just need the code to go after the header so that users can post new updates from any page or post.(Should not repeat in Activity Page). The maximum updates should be set to the latest 2 updates. The rest will of course display in the Activity Page. Is this possible? Precisely, I want to display the “What’s on your mind” form in my homepage after the header to show everywhere without repeating in Activity Page. Kindly anyone is welcome to help. My theme is customizr. The site is at

    BuddyPress Version Pietro 2.4
    Wordpress Version 4.4

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  • danbp



    basically, you can call the what’s new template part by using

    bp_get_template_part( 'activity/post-form' ); see doc here.

    Or try this plugin after you created a widget area on your homepage (so it will only display on that page):



    Thank you for the quick reply @danbp. I’m completely new to code. The plugin option works but I need the form to show sitewide meaning I’ll need to work with the hook bit. Could you please guide as in what code goes where. I haven’t called a single string before 🙂 Sorry for being new. @danbp thanks to help

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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