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buddypress private group is not visible in bbpress

  • vizcano


    i installed bbpress 2.5.4, i also installed buddy press 2.0.2, so i could have a private group forum.

    this is what i want.

    i want to have 2 forums. one for general public and another to vip public.
    in general public forum anyone should be able to participate.
    in vip public forum group only members can see and participate here.

    so i installed buddy press to have this vip public group.
    and i choose some vip members but when going to the forums… this group is not visible, not even to the vip members.

    what am i doing wrong? or is my bbpress not compatible with the buddy press?

    please help. and thanks

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  • shanebp


    So you created a private group call ‘vip’.
    And added a forum to that group via ‘[your-site-url]/groups/vip/admin/forum/’
    And added some members to the forum via
    wp-admin/admin.php?page=bp-groups -> Edit – Add New Members

    And those added members cannot see the vip forum listed when visiting
    ‘[your-site-url]/forums/’ – correct?



    thanks for your answer shanebp.
    i didn’t understand all you said but it lead me to the solution. so thank you

    i am a rookie so i didn’t know the basics on how to use buddy press with bbpress…

    so maybe a rookie can find this helpfully

    this is what i did.

    i went to bbpress.
    i created a forum called general public and another called vip section

    then i went buddy press group section and i created a group called vip, here is the thing. the group doesn’t make a forum. you must make it firt. in this example i took the vip section forum.

    this were my steps

    1) in FORUM. i created:

    *general public forum (the one everyone must be able to see and participate) has the standard settings
    *vip section forum (the one only for the people of the vip group) has this settings: tipe: forum; State: Open; visibility: Private

    2) in GROUPS. i created a new group called VIP

    this were the settings, Is a Hidden Group. and invitations can only be given by admins and moderators

    in this way:
    – when people is not logged in they can only see the general public forum.
    – when they logging they can participate in the general public forum, they can see the private vip section forum but they cannot participated in it (i wanted that they would see it neither but this is how it works) in other words, they can see the group forum (vip section) but they cannot see what´s inside.
    – when a member of the vip group logging they can see and participated in bouth forums.



    >here is the thing. the group doesn’t make a forum.

    You need to navigate to the group, on the front-end of the site,
    then select Manage
    then select Forum
    then select ‘Yes. I want this group to have a forum.’
    and leave ‘Group Forum’ set to (No Forum)
    and a forum will be created for you.
    The forum will have the same name as the group.

    Glad you got it working.
    You can certainly create a forum yourself and then assign it to the group.
    Just wanted to add the info above in case somebody else reads this thread.



    shanebp. thanks againg

    this is the crazy thing. i made a new group to try your method. it worked but not entirely.

    it did made the group and the forum, the thing is that i made it hidden so only members of the group would see it… well… noone can see it, only admin


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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