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Buddypress Problems ( cant view/edit profile )

  • romanreignempire


    Hello there

    i have Problems with my Buddypress.
    I cant either watch my Profile, and i also cant edit it.
    I also cant upload an Avatar Pic, i cnat change cover image, i cant do anything

    Howe can i fix this.
    I do get an Error pages.
    I uploaded and installed evertyhing. I dont know what to do

    How can this be fixed ?

    I have the newest Buddypress Version
    my Site

    error message

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  • romanreignempire


    i cant change or edit anything, i also cant view my profile.
    Here a pic of another error message

    Hi @romanreignempire

    You need to change a WordPress settings — you need to enable permalinks. Your WordPress blog URLs look like: and we need to have them look like This is required to have BuddyPress work.

    If we’re lucky, you can go into wp-admin and Settings > Permalinks, then pick anything other than “Default”. Then save, and check if your blog post links have changed, and if they still work.

    If they DON’T work, you need to fix that first. There is lots of information on the web about enabling WordPress permalinks, and if you have a good web host, oftentimes they will know how to enable them if they are disabled by default for some reason.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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