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Buddypress profile page and other registration pages

  • amsakwp



    I am having my site users register through a registration page setup with the Memberpress plugin. Registrants are required to submit first name, last name, username, email, and password. This information is used to fill out these items of the wp-admin/profile.php. While I would like to use the Memberpress registration form and page I would like for the buddypress profile page to remain the users’ main interface to their profile information and social activity. The problem though is that the default first name and last name fields of the Memberpress registration page don’t automatically propagate in the respective fields on the Buddypress profile page. Is there a way I can get these fields to draw from the entries for first name and last name already existing in the user databases (/wp-admin/user-edit.php) to auto-fill in the relevant fields of the Buddypress profile page? Currently after registration the last name field is empty and the first name field contains the username. Yes, the member can delete the username and enter both names again, but I’m trying to avoid this. They may wonder why they need to enter their first and last names twice. Does this make sense? I had assumed that whether registering through the Buddypress page or the Memberpress page the first name and last name would be stored in the same data table serve the same function.

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