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Buddypress Profiles

  • my2hands


    Hi, not totally sure this is the right section but it is about either creating or extending a buddypress component.

    What I am looking to do with the profiles section of my buddypress is to create tabs on the public side, like there is on the edit side. For Example:

    When you edit your profile, the profile groups are tabbed into “Basic” and then next to that is what you have created, in this case for adding information about your cat. once all this is saved, you go back to the public profile and you have your basic stuff and right underneath it your information you have added in the other profile groups.

    What I would like is those groups to be still grouped and you click on the group name to see that information.

    I have looked for varios things that might help, and nothing i have come up with seems to work. I have thought about “sub-profiles” allowing users to add a mini profile under thier own profile, and while this is my desired goal would involve a lot of work and I cannot programme in PHP, jsut fix things when they go wrong. Can anyone help me with this?


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  • my2hands


    20 hours after asking this question, and i have had no response, I know that there are busy people here but i did expect something, even a no, not nothing. I am now trawling through every buddypress file trying to find something that might help moe, but i have no idea what i am looking for so i guess i’m outa luck.

    sorry for sounding a little tetchy, but it just winds me up with being the “best” place to find help on buddypress, i have seen others on here that havent been replied to for longer. best and only place and no support

    I use a combination of xprofile and BuddyPress Profile Privacy. Granted this does not automatically create new ‘tabs’ it does allow you to separate Profile Fields into Groups and give the user control of who has access to what. I have a separate group for Social Networks. This allows the user to enter their social network information. Facebook Profile, Twitter, MSN, AIM, etc. This Social Network ‘group’ is displayed below the user’s other profile information.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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