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Buddypress questions on Learning Management Site

  • jrcd92


    Hi there,

    I’m using WP 4.3.1 and BP 2.4.0, with BP for LearnDash on my site I have three questions regarding the Registration page; two of them I have found elsewhere, but the solutions there have not worked for me.

    1. The mobile rendering of the /register page is awkward, espectially in portrait. Is there a fix/update on the way that can fix this?

    2. I’d like to change the default text on the Registration page, to make it more personal and relevant to our site (i.e., “My EBE”, etc.). I have tried changing the register.php file, to no avail.

    3. Also on the Registration page, I’d like to not show the “This field can be seen by: Everyone” options – I have set Name, Job and Organisation to be visible to all members, but Phone Number to “only me”, but can’t seem to get rid of these options.

    Points 2 and 3 are the most important to get fixed asap; point 1 I don’t find so urgent!

    Thanks so much in advance!



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  • shanebp


    I have tried changing the register.php, to no avail.

    Is this the file you mean?

    Where are you trying to change it?

    You should be creating a template overload of that file.

    All of your items are doable.
    If your changes do not appear, it is probably something specific to your theme.
    To confirm, just switch to a WP theme like 2013 and review the register page.



    3) might be related to a bug with profile field visibility enforcement.

    See the following for an interim fix:

    If you just want to remove that block from being shown, you can do what shanebp suggests or use CSS to hide it.



    Hi Shane, r-a-y,

    2) is fixed, thanks – I wasn’t using the right register.php.

    3) I’ve got so far using this and this fix. Being the newbie that I am, I can’t find the “tests/phpunit/testcases/core/caps.php”, which is the second file I need to edit in that fix. It’s not affecting the signup process, so it’s not so urgent now, but if you could help with the location of that file, I’d be so grateful!

    Thanks again both 🙂




    You don’t need to edit the ‘second’ file.
    It’s just for unit tests and therefore is not included in official releases which is why you can’t find it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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