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BuddyPress redirecting admins to home page on login

  • slushman


    I have two sites ( and running BuddyPress and both are doing the same thing. When a site admin (or contributor or author) logs in using the WordPress login page, they are redirected to the home page instead of Dashboard. I don’t have any direction plugins on these sites.

    How do I make it stop doing this?

    I’ve tried the following:

    Deactivating plugins one-at-a-time and logging in afterwards. No change until I deactivated BuddyPress.
    Searched BuddyPress documentation and code – couldn’t find the redirect code for sending the user to the home page (unless the BP user account is being deleted)
    Replaced BuddyPress install with files downloaded from BP site – no change
    Replaced WordPress install (WP 3.2.1) with files downloaded from WP site – no change

    I’m now trying to install and configure the JetPack plugin, which requires submitting a form in the options page, which should take me to an authentication form, but instead I’m sent to the home page. I’m not logged out, but sent to the wrong page. Can we get this bug fixed? Shouldn’t there be a capability check before redirecting users? In which case, admins can log into Dashboard and subscribers are sent to Buddypress pages.

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  • hi slushman,
    try to login from admin link, not from main page. if u login from homepage, you’ll be treated like ordinary user, no admin dashboard will appears.
    i have the same problem.. also with JetPack sending me to homepage again, nothing seems to happen and i still got the “Your Jetpack is almost ready – Connect to to enable all features. Connect to” message.
    i don’t feel like it’s a bug though, maybe there’s something that we miss :D
    i’m still figure out what i missed, that’s what makes me land on your post here.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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