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BuddyPress Register link missing on right

  • suehanen


    WordPress version 5.1.3
    BuddyPress version 4.1.0
    Divi version 3.19.11

    A Home for Entrepreneurs

    There should be a Register Link on the top right in the secondary menu area, right next to the Log In link. Both of these links should display when the user is logged off. I have also added them to the primary menu area just see if they would display there. Unfortunately, I only see the Log In link.

    When I have the BP option “Show the tool bar for logged out users” checked, the register and log in links both display on the left above the secondary menu area.

    Any thoughts about what I can try next?
    Thank you

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  • vapvarun



    You can easily add them to the menu, check out following link

    BuddyPress Links in WordPress Menus

    Inside BuddyPress section, you will find the register menu item to add inside your primary menu.



    Dang, I thought you had solved the problem, unfortunately, nothing changed. The strange thing is, the Log in link (on the top right) was there without having the buddypress screen option checked. I don’t understand why. I deactivated all plugins except BP and the Register link is still missing.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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